The expression of the others is true




Julieta Spina, Valeria La Ferrara, Jesica Alegría, Juan Manuel Unzaga, Nicolás Kozuchar

Spatial design:
Jazmín García Sathicq

Light design:
García Sathicq

Costume design:
García Sathicq

Music edition:
Daniel Gismondi

García Sathicq

García Sathicq y Roberto Guevara

Dramaturgy, artistic and general direction:
Jazmín García Sathicq

About the work:

Experimental work about the conditioning and power of the view of others over ourselves..
I work on the expressions of our true “I”.
How strong is the view of others so as to create in us other expressions of ourselves?/ Could it be a taboo to truly be oneself?/ Is the expression of our artificial Id authentic?

“The expression of others…”, refers to the expression of our real Id living repressed in ourselves.
The human being is an animal, social by nature; where the drive and the wild desire live together with the rationally and politically correct  way of acting, established and conditioned by strong and ancient social, cultural and religious norms and parameters.
The human being is an animal being naturally social. The impulse and the savage desire live inside him; also, the politic and rational view of the correct way to act in life which is conditioned and established by strong and old social, cultural and religious rules. The human being is ambiguous, unbalanced and unstable by nature.

What happens when we play to be someone else?

The stage treatment:
There is no stable and defined language, there are permanent breaks that expose the artificiality of the expressions created, the instability of the ambiguous, exposes an “inauthentic”, “incoherent” model, imposed by society as a survival system. System that we believe, dominate and understand.

Scenic space:
A totally stripped space in it there are only 5 bodies (actors) and 5 fluorescent tubes, placed flush with the floor, on the spatial perimeter.


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