Jazmín García Sathicq


Theater Artist, creator. Actress and Theater Teacher received at the “La Plata Theater School”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ph: Roberto Borda

He has received scholarships: for Artistic Creation from the National Endowment for the Arts (2021), for Artistic Creation from the National Endowment for the Arts (2018), from the “Scquola Europea di Teatro e Cinema di Milano”, Milan, Italy, for the 2001/02 and 2002/03 cycles, from the La Plata Theater Research Center at the Scuola Europea di Teatro e Cinema di Milano, Italy (2001).

Creator and Artistic Director of the “Compañía Sapucay Teatro”, where she has written and directed her plays from 2003 to 2019.

Creator and Artistic Director of the “García Sathicq Company” (Year 2020) where she continues to develop her creative and research work.

As a playwright and director, she conducted the artistic direction of the “Biodramas”: “Trans pórtate, Biodrama about trans identities”, Argentine Theater of La Plata, TAE, School of Arts and Crafts of the Argentine Theater (2013) and “Mucha Mujer“, Barcelona, Spain, Piccaso Theater (2010), hired by the “Trastero de las Artes” Cultural Association.

Deputy Director of the La Plata Theater School, institute of higher artistic education of the D.G.C yE. of the Province of Buenos Aires (From 2019-continues).

Head of Area of the career “Technique in Acting” (2018-2019), La Plata Theater School, higher artistic education of the D.G.C.E. of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Professor of the chair “Organization and Management of the Theatrical Show”, in the career of “Technique in Acting”, La Plata Theater School (Since 2004-continues).

Teacher of “Acting”, “Acting training”, “Dramaturgy”, “Direction and staging”, “Production of theater shows” “Body expression”, “Theater for children and adolescents”.

As a teacher
, she has been hired by public organizations such as the Municipal Theater of the City of Verónica, Punta Indio, the National Institute of Theater and Comedy of the Province of Buenos Aires.

As a theater director, she has worked for public institutions such as El Centro de Arte de la Universidad de La Plata (2021), El Teatro Coliseo Podestá (Directorate of the Creative Laboratory 2019), La Comedia de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (2009), La Secretaria of Culture of La Plata (2010), The Undersecretariat of Human Rights (2007).

He has been a Jury of the “Independent Theater Regional Festivities. Region 4, General Pintos, Provincial Council of Independent Theater. (2019), the “Festival Festival Brief Theater Dinners 4º ediçao” – Manaus, AM, Brazil (2012), the Municipal Comedy of Bahía Blanca 2008, on behalf of the Cultural Institute of the City of Bahía Blanca; Province of Bs As, Argentina, for the Contest of Theater Directors residing in the Bahía Blanca Party for the Municipal Comedy Second Semester 2008 and for the National Contest of Directors for the Municipal Comedy First Semester 2008.

His works have received awards and mentions, and have toured national and international festivals.