Jazmín García Sathicq

It conceives art and art training as a field of production of meaning, knowledge and poetics. In creative practice he uses resources, methodologies and strategies to produce divergent thinking through theatrical language and that is why he investigates the limits of language and its possible manifestations, without pre-established formats. He is interested in interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, the non-definition of genres in theatrical and performative poetics, producing hybrid poetics as consequences of the field to be investigated.

She develops her teaching activity in the public as well as in the private sphere (National University of La Plata, La Plata Theater School, “Espacio 44” Theater, “Sala 420” Theater.) She is summoned to give seminars, workshops and creative production laboratories at festivals, theater meetings, congresses and events.

She currently works as Director of the La Plata Theater School, a public school of higher artistic education of the DGCyE of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Professor of the “Production” chair (since 2022), in the careers “Technical in Costumes”, “Technical in Scenography” and “Technical in Makeup”, School of Theater La Plata.

Professor of the chair “Organization and Management of the Theater Show” (since 2004), in the career of “Technique in Acting”, La Plata Theater School.

He gives workshops, seminars, laboratories, clinics and tutorials in “Training in acting”, “Acting training”, “Dramaturgy”, “Direction and Staging”, “Production of Theatrical Shows”, “Body expression”.

As a theater teacher, he has given workshops, trainings and programs in these disciplines convened by the public sector for the Municipal Theater of the City of Verónica, Punta Indio (2011), the National Theater Institute, La Comedia de la Prov. de Buenos Aires, in the National Training and Development Program (From 2005 to 2007) and in the Training Subprogram, Artistic Department (2007 and 2008).

Teacher Training as Technical Assistant of the Comedy of the Province of Bs As in the 20th Conference of Education through Art, Laprida (2008).