The petals recovering you




Dramaturgy and direction:
Jazmín García Sathicq

Cecilia Pérez Pradal, Mariana Pacotti,Blas Arrese Igor, Javier Samaniego García.

Scenography and ilumination:
Javier Samaniego García

Director’s assistant:
Cecilia Coleff

About the work:

Aleli and Eloy are a marriage in crisis. Eloy buys a plant for his wife in a nursery, the owner of the nursery gives his daughter, “Eustaquia”, as a gift from the house, a grotesque of shocking physical ugliness. Eloy takes the plant and the grotesque woman home. Alelí proposes to her husband that he keep the woman inside his house as a lover. The mistress is treated like a plant, and the plant cared for like a person.
Eustaquia lives with the marriage, but is kept hidden from society. Marriage deepens the crisis. Victor, a friend of the couple, declares to Eloy that he loves Alelí, the situation loses its direction and overflows. All unload their impotences and miseries before Eustaquia. Eustaquia, victim of human passions, cries for perversity, describing the madness of hypocrisy. At the end “the petals” fall, dehydrated, exposing the nakedness of the essence.


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