Longing deep, slice of silence




Dramaturgy and direction:
Jazmín García Sathicq

Ricardo González, Sara Pastor Merlo, Julieta Ranno

Margarita Dillon, Jazmín García Sathicq

Scenographic realization:
Jose Luis Dillon, Margarita Dillon

Director’s assistant:
Pablo Chanquet

About the work:

A dramatic creation from the exasperating, where the threat of violence, and the ambiguity of the situations generate tense vigil.

The story takes place in a small and suffocating department of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The father, the nexus of relationships, little by little is left out of the father / partner / daughter nucleus, as a consequence of his obstinate pressure on women to obtain from them an affectionate mother / daughter relationship.

A dramaturgical language concerned with the latent rather than the manifest.

Oppression in a family environment with a patriarchal structure that triggers issues such as:
The identity.
Hiding and forgetting about the past.
The underlying violence in dogmatic and dictatorial structures.
The repression of desires judged and morally condemned by social parameters.


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