Signs of humanity




Paz – Julieta Spina
Alma – Valeria La Ferrara
Alegría – Jesica Alegría
León – Pablo Gabino
Víctor – Juan Manuel Unzaga

Daniel Gismondi

Choreographic coordination:
Alejandra Ceriani

Light design:
Jazmín García Sathicq y Margarita Dillón

Spatial design and  scenography:
Jazmín García Sathicq y Margarita Dillón

Executive production management:
Jazmín García Sathicq

Dramaturgy, staging and artistic and general direction:
Jazmín García Sathicq

About the work:

Love, loneliness, friendship, the projection of life and the future in a “refuge” territory, chosen as “exile”, within the “homeland” itself, by young people eaten away by a society where illusion has been destroyed. and the possibility of inserting the particularities, interests and individual abilities of the new generations. Latent round the tireless search for a place in a utopian world of freedom.

In a “spending time waiting for another time” these young people put values ​​inherent to their condition as “human beings” to the test, at stake and at risk, and in that “human being” they find a dizzying immensity, always unknown and alien that inhabits in his own being and in his own territory.

Planning and stage research:
Contrast a realistic theatrical language where the sensitive states of the characters are played on the edge of the exacerbated, a language where the monotony of confinement and routine is expressed, with an illusionist theatrical language, abstracted from reality, where it is expressed, in fact material and in action, the individual and subjective way in which each character or set of characters sees, lives, or would like to experience that particular or general situation.


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