Behind the Words




Idea and realization:
Jazmín García Sathicq, Blas Arrese Igor, Matías Vértiz

Beatriz Catani

Technical assistance:
Roberto Romanelli

Mariana Paccotti

About the work:

Where to look for the identity of a man when he loses his face, his name, his voice?

Open areas of sensations in the viewer that allow the free association of ideas and images.

First part
Two identical men, the same size, without faces. An accident of war. The burned grass, splinters running through their faces.

We define two lines of action
On the one hand, the space of the story and thoughts, the interior space. A coordinate of pure textuality, of narration to the public with a dry, economic, precise record of performance, of an exceeding degree of expressive neutrality and disaffection.

On the other hand, the space for linking and action. Non-existence of words, of speech, absence of meanings; hardly any onomatopoeia or guttural sounds, corporality, energies, forced gestures that never emit more than distortions of the real. Sounds are altered.
Communication as a failure.
The structure of the work is constituted from the alternation of these two languages ​​assembled only by noises, stretching of time, rhythms and silences.

Second part
The representation space is small and minimal, there is no displacement. A refugee woman in a small place, contained. Desperate to empty her state in a present time, with present sensations, where the main thing is to shed her situation and her states that are not announced or evoked by the allusion of an ominous narrator, but by the birth of the interword, in the association of images and sensations.

Participation in festivals:

Festival de Teatro Platense. Organizado por la Asociación Argentina de Actores. La Plata 2001
Festival “Nuevas Tendencias Escénicas”. Mar del Plata. 2001.
Festival Experimenta 3 Teatro. Rosario. 2000.
Primer Festival de Teatro Off. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. 2000.
Festival Regional de Teatro. Comedia de la Provincia de Buenos Aires. La Plata. Mención a las actuaciones. 2000.
Festival del Rojas 5,  Capital Federal, 2002.
Primer Premio Certamen de Teatro organizado por la Comedia Municipal de La Plata. 2001.
Mención especial a las actuaciones en el Festival Regional de Teatro. La Plata 2000.


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