Until water carries me away




Dramaturgy and direction:
Jazmín García Sathicq

Laura Palmieri, Valquiria Kumar, Nieves Kriscautzky

Scenography and ilumination: 
Claudio Suarez

Director’s assistant: 
Soledad Aparicio

About the work:

Soledad. Dolores. Dulcinea. Unstable. Three women. Isolated storms/ showers. One place. Rain. Three women. Three stories. Three states. Unloading is necessary. Solitude. Emptiness. Saturation. The divine punish is realized. Non-universal deluge.  This time, it rains and it does not stop.

Dolores, a pyromaniac, sets on fire the store where she works “Electrical World”, using a flamethrower. Seeing the fire she started, she asks for water to put it out. A divinity hears her plea and punishes her perpetually: she will be followed wherever she goes by rain water, showing her fault to everyone. Dolores runs away/ disappears. She calls a friend from her childhood, that she hasn’t seen in years, Dulcinea, the only person that Dolores thinks can give her escape and support in this moment. They arrange to meet in the restroom of an abandoned railway station. Dolores arrives and meets her friend. Both lonely girls confide to each other their existential problems. But the meeting is not the one it should be. Soledad, who is actually someone who does not know Dolores and has never seen her, is also saturated by the emptiness and oppressiveness of her existance, has gagged and locked Dulcinea – the real friend – in one of the bathrooms, and has taken Dulcinea’s place in front of Dolores. The latter – seeking love and affection, needing human care – does not pay attention to the physical characteristics of the girl. Soledad who is trapped in a maddening situation, looks for – through her farce – asylum in Dolores, trying to forget her heart-breaking loneliness.

The situation becomes unbearable. The characters do not find support or identity in their existances. Soledad confesses the truth to Dolores. It rains over Dolores. Dulcinea frees herself and knocks Soledad down, who fells to the floor in tears. Once in the embrace of her true friend, Dolores falls agonizing under the rain. Her state of saturation has come to an end.

Topics tackled by the play:
Solitude, emptiness of the existance as a consequence of an ill society. The Error in the actions, the unexpected crack that drags the protagonist into a daily tragedy rising to a crescendo without any possible solution.  The truth: subjective, dogmatic, partially revealed, fragmented, which does not contribute to find solutions to the conflicts. Dreams and realities. / Dreams and the fulfillment of those dreams. Appearance – Reality. Reality – appearance in the real and constructed identities. Innocence: lost, claimed, grieved for, with sudden reappearances. Secrets and revelations. Extreme passions. The usurpation.

It is worth making it clear that the humour and irony used in the play, make possible the treatement of complex and profound topics inherent to the human condition.

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