What is escaping




María Laura Belmonte, Canela Corno, Ayelen Dias Correia, Alicia Durán, Nora Oneto, Rocío Russo Morantes

Scenographic design and production and costume:
Gabriela Díaz, Celeste Aranegui

Sound design:
Rocío Martínez

Jazmín García Sathicq

Carolina Donnantuoni y Jazmín García Sathicq

About the work:

Production of the Teatro Coliseo Podestá, Second Laboratory for Stage Creation and Production.

“Lo que escapes” is a collective creation and an inquiry into the intersections and juxtapositions between body, sound and image, the notions of the expanded body and the possible meanings that they could display on stage. A scene that is rehearsal, that is laboratory, that is test.

Everything that escapes
What are we witnessing? Are we part? How does it happen? What is time? What is a life, an identity, a body? Translated and untranslatable body. The ungraspable, the escape, the other, the other, the other, me, the body, its identity, the amendment in the tissue of the skin that I touch, as well as the wound and the scar. The skin that I touch, touches me, that I see, it sees me. Is it possible to capture what happens in a body? And in a body of bodies? Is it possible to translate it into words? What happens in the other voices? And in other words? Voice, words, sounds, actions, secretions, stories. Words that spring from the body and overlap, warm between scars, keys and rosettes. Basted bodies, embroidered sounds. There are as many possible stories as there are identities in the same person and in others, and the most symbolic in the sensibility is always what escapes the enunciation. The drive, the drive of eros, the beat, the drive of death, time. The ineffable, its approach without capture.

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