Near the bodies the sacred




Laura Belmonte, Renée Zgainer, Jésica Alegría, Nahuel Ortiz, Alejandro Labaronne, Eduardo Spinola

Costume design and Scenography: 
Pheonia Vélez y Sofía Camparo

Dramaturgy and direction: 
Jazmín García Sathicq

Director’s assistant:
Mariana De Castro

Design, sound production and performing musicians on stage: 
Vladimir Zegarra, Loren Schaller Aramburú y Bernardo Bergsztein

About the work:

Create and liberate the fragile imaginary universes, symbolic universes created by people, systems of myths, ideas and beliefs that are manifested daily in everyday life, in poetic visions of reality, to build the meaning of life, of their actions and thought experiences, thus developing their personal and social identity, which addresses the sphere of the sacred independent of religions, such as poetry and freedom that covers all aspects of life in the individual and collective imaginary of subjects of contemporary society.

It is proposed to explore: The factors that intervene in the processes of meaning of reality about the idea of the sacred, in different cultures and for the subject of contemporary society, outside of religious systems. Music, dance, visual arts and theatricality will interact as languages, creating the dramaturgy of the scene. We propose to carry out the assembly and staging of the play “Close to the bodies, the sacred”, by Jazmín García Sathicq. Its stage of production and materialization of the staging. Scenographic and props construction, costume making, hairdressing, theater rehearsals, with a cast of actors, actresses and musicians, materialization of the sound and musical work for the play.

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