The heavens above




Dramaturgy and direction:
Susana Tale

Nigel – Bettina Giorno
Female Mother – Nora Oneto
Trans boy – Mario Cotourne
Stall – Florencia Zubieta
Man – Julio Salerno

Direction and Production Assistance:
Emmanuel Franca

Margarita Dillon

Liliana Ceseres

Locker room:
Analia Seguezza

Vladimir Zegarra Toledo

Diego Chapay

About the work:


The pandemic swept away all sociocultural categories of normality, a normality that was brutal, ruthless, full of violence, inequality, corruption. Human values, sociocultural customs, bond building, and relational codes are in check through social distancing. In the play, a woman questions them, questioning herself. She goes through the quarantine at a critical moment in her life, where she rethinks the construction of her story.

This is a story that states that starting another story is necessary. A new story, unpublished, denied all that has been experienced before, of all tradition known up to now.

That now we have to create everything.

This is a story of bonds, bonds of solidarity, cooperation.

There is something we must accept, the world will not be the same when the crisis ends, nobody knows what it will be like, the world is going.

Nigel, a fledgling writer, 50 years old, is in a country house that was loaned to her. She is going through an existential, post-separation crisis, and unexpectedly the Covid-19 pandemic breaks out, and she remains stranded there without being able to return to the city, given the decree of social, preventive and mandatory isolation. He is a person full of fears, absorbed in “clouds” of thought articulated by free associations, distrustful, insecure, reluctant to bond with others, however, this becoming of events that he has to live, is showing him another side of life , where the people with whom he meets and is forced to socialize reveal other senses, other colors of the world, another form of beauty, new ways of relating, solidarity, cooperation. Nigel surrenders himself to begin another story, new, unpublished, renegade from what has been lived before, from every tradition so far known. Because the world is not the same, it will not be the same when the crisis ends, nobody knows how it will be, the world is going.

Jazmín García Sathicq.

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