Lately overdue

By Roxana Aramburú  




Mujer – Aurelia Osorio
Hombre – Alejandro Labaronne
Doctor – Ramón Woites
Fotógrafo – Franco  Diplácido

Scenographic design and realization: 
Margarita Dillon y Liliana Cáceres

Costume design:
Margarita Dillon y Liliana Cáceres

Light design:
Jazmín García Sathicq, Margarita Dillon y Liliana Cáceres

Staging and art direction: 
Jazmín García Sathicq

Municipal Comedy, Secretary of Culture and Education City of La Plata

About the work:

First prize in the Contest on “Dramaturgy and Human Rights” Secretariat of Culture and Education and Undersecretary of Human Rights Municipality of La Plata, 2009

Municipal Comedy, Secretariat of Culture of the City of La Plata.

Lately defeated, it bites its tail: it revolves around the body that has not been buried, the need for rituals in the face of death.

They have no name; They are a security guard and a cleaning worker. They work on a site that is possibly a museum. The time is yesterday and today, linked in the continuity of the commission and the omission. A “doctor” adds work to them: he can be a doctor, a butcher, a collector, a huaquero, a naturalist, a serial killer, any merchant. The photographer, a pervert, an oligarch, a Salesian priest, a white woman dealer, a real estate agent. On an anthropological safari, they want to crush flesh and spirit on photographic paper, in exhibition pieces; transform the subject into an object. Amid so much degradation, man and woman show and hide, lose themselves and recover, fight and tire, sleep and wake up, rebel and submit. They survive.

Lately Vanquished is a tribute to the museum’s prisoners and to so many others who were left on Martín García Island, in the cane plantations, in the domestic service of wealthy families, who were strolled through cultural events, exhibited in human zoos.

Yesterday, which is today.

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