Eternal and unbreakable




Rodrigo San Martín, Martín Florencio, Elías Pedernera

Technical assistance:
Guillermina Mujica y Jorge Primitivo García

Dramaturgy and direction:
Jazmín García Sathicq

About the work:

Various conditions and states of man in a state of war.

Conceiving that war makes one lose track of time, but every minute in it becomes eternal and indelible, in the work we see a man appealing, according to the different cases and situations he faces, to violence, submission, degradation, pain, anguish, love, the preservation of one’s own existence and humanity, beyond one’s own life, the defense of a cause under conviction and under uncertainty, we see betrayal, the instinct of survival.

It raises the assumption that everything has been devastated, not even the body is enough to identify us, memory is extinguished, memory is here and now, and the question inevitably arises: What if there is no body or memory?
Contains stories based on real testimonies of people who have experienced a state of war. The work begins with the testimony of women who were imprisoned in Spain under the Franco dictatorship, but it is not limited to a particular historical event, but rather tries to extract the experience and the state lived by different beings in a state of war and put it in game with poetic flight and emotional charge. It is a work of an unconventional dramatic structure, sequenced in scenes that could be altered in order without affecting the reception of thematic and visual content. It is a minimalist staging, of aesthetic care, composed of a strong impact of the visual and sound content, the textual poetics and a subtle and sensitive acting language. It appeals to the fragmentation and the scenic exhibition of all the elements that constitute the theatrical event “My land is freedom. Well, I long for peace, and in this war I will have to prove it, I am not fighting against war, I am fighting for peace. A minute of peace is not silence. It will not be easy to return the echo that gives answers, who knows where in the universe he sought his exile. The important thing is that they will not stop us. No, they won’t stop us. “


ENTEPOLA – Encuentro de Teatro Popular Latinoamericano VILA VELHA ,BRASIL 2008.
3er Festival Internacional de Teatro y Danza de La Plata, 2008.

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