Interview with self-convocated workers of the Argentine Theater

The collective of self-convened workers of the Argentine Theater and Comedy begins a series of talks to share with the intention of thinking about our work spaces from a gender perspective. We begin with Jazmín García Sathicq, whom we thank for her participation. Jazmín is an Actress and Theater Teacher at the “La Plata Theater School”, Playwright, Director of numerous plays. He received scholarships for study and research from the F.N.A. and “European Scquola di Teatro e Cinema di Milano”. Creator and Artistic Director of the “Sapucay Teatro” Company, she conducted the artistic direction of the “Biodramas”: “Mucha Mujer” and “Trans pórtate, Biodrama on trans identities”. He participated as a jury in different festivals. He was part of the Theater committee for identity. She is currently Deputy Director of the La Plata Theater School.


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