Jazmín García Sathicq Cycle of conversations-actions about THEATER. On the crossings, the frontiers of language with other disciplines and fields of knowledge, the new territories to investigate and create. With LUXURY INVITEDXS: 1st meeting with the great creator MARIANO PENSOTTI (ARGENTINA). 
By Instagram Live: Jazmín García Sathicq
Mariano Pensotti (Buenos Aires – 1973) studied cinema, visual arts and theater.
His performances have been presented in Argentina and in festivals and venues in Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Latvia, Brasil, Canada, Japan, Austria, Spain, Chile, England, Denmark and Switzerland.
For his work he has won the prizes Rozenmacher, Clarin and Premio F; and the schollarships Unesco-Aschberg, Rockefeller Foundation, Fundación Antorchas and Casa de América de Madrid.
He formed the Grupo Marea together with Set Designer Mariana Tirantte, the musician Diego Vainer and the artistic producer Florencia Wasser.


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