Coolture, the place of the unrepeatable



Credits / Staff:

Playwriter and direction:
Jazmín García Sathicq

Agustín – Franco Pilatti
Tomás – Facundo Gaggiotti
Franco (Padre) – Juan Morelli
Militar Estanislao – Pedernera

Design of space, lighting and sound environment:
Jazmín García Sathicq

Sound Production:
Vladimir Zegarra Toledo

Scenographic Realization:
Milagros Lucero

Assistant Director:
Maxi Saad

Production assistant:
Franco Etchart

About the work:

Agustín and Tomás, teenage twin brothers, digital natives, hyper-interactive, hyper-active, hypertextual, hyperlinked, connective and multitasking search engines, are underestimated for spending all day playing PlayStation, making live videos on streaming and being connected all the time, “isolated” from reality and immersed in the virtual reality, but in truth, through their avatars, they are carrying out a revolution against the powers of the elites, producing the dematerialization of objects and real bodies to make them light and nomadic, create fragments of landscapes and stories and build infinite network and interconnection systems there, however they carry out a revolution against the power of the religious and military elites. Create virtual reality avatars amplified, they substitute one landscape for another, and there they found their habitat. Power and control now it is located in another territory, intangible, they have done it, and we cannot control that.

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