Productions 2020

Online theater, streaming
Through death, reborn.

The creation of 3 short theater plays is proposed to be presented by an online platform, in synchronicity, in real time (live).

With dramaturgy and direction by Jazmín García Sathicq, on themes of identity, existence and confinement, 3 actors will be summoned to open the door of the house, the intimacy of private spaces for the construction of a fictional world. A real and partial space of the house where the quarantine is going through will be chosen. Within the chosen space, a cut of space must be chosen, of a small dimension, where the construction of the fictional space will be mounted, according to possible dimensions. The space chosen as a stage space must absolutely be transformed into a fictional space.

The interpretation may not have cuts or interruptions, as in the theatrical function it must have continuity from beginning to end.

There may be only one image capture device.

Filming can be with a fixed or shaken camera.

The film record may be made by the performer himself or by someone outside the role of acting interpreter.

Productions 2021

Biodrama on trans identities 2021

A theatrical work based on life stories, needs, problems and experiences of people with trans identities, represented by themselves (social actors).

Through performative situations, the different identity developments, self-perceptions, the right to one’s own body, the shift of the man-not-man, woman-not-woman binomial, transphobia as a social disease, the fight for depathologization in the list of pathologies from the World Health Organization, militancy for equal rights, transformation processes, anecdotes, memories, life and death.